Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Crush

On Day 17 of 30 Days of Blogging, I continue splicing Leo's topic into three topics. Having covered my first memory (possibly) yesterday, today we move on to:

First crush

But we again run into a problem: I have no idea who the first one was. I don't remember ever really having a crush, like a giggly swooning writing their name on the insides of my notebooks crush, but over the years I've had some low key crushes that I'm willing to share.

Literary Crush: F. Scott Fitzgerald. We would hang out in nightclubs, and listen to jazz, and smoke, and drink, and dance, and be friends with a lot of flappers, and he'd call me Joel and I'd call him F. Scott, and there would be no Zelda in sight to screw things up.

TV Crush: I have two, and have had both for years and years. There may be others who come and go, your Chace Crawfords and your Yigit Puras, but these two have endured the test of time. One is a character, and the other an actual person.

First, Dr. Crusher. Yes, I'm aware that she's female. I don't want to date her, but ever since I was a teenager I felt like Dr. Crusher and I would be best friends. She was the smartest woman on the Enterprise, and for about a year I prayed every night that I would get a brain tumor so that I could contact the Make a Wish Foundation and my wish would be a guest starring role on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and then Dr. Crusher and I would meet and become BFF's.

Yes, I'm aware that this plan was both deeply flawed and psychologically disturbed.

However, knowing that Gates McFadden tweets photos of herself playing with her Dr. Crusher figures just confirms that we are meant to be friends.

The second TV crush is Tom Welling. I watched "Smallville" way past the date when it was physically and mentally painful to do so (looking at you, Season 8) because Tom Welling was still on it every week, although that was about the time when he wanted to be a "serious actor" and stopped taking his shirt off onscreen so much.

Music Crush: For quite a while there, JC Chasez had the crown. I even had a shrine:

Bye, Bye, Bye

which I decided to (mostly) get rid of when I moved here. It was just as well, because by then I had moved on to Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of "Green Day". I don't want to actually date Billie Joe. He could totally just lay on the couch with his guitar and plaintively wail about how we're out of a cheese and the remote fell on the floor and is too far away to reach, and I would make him a sandwich and be happy.

I would date the hell of out Brandon Flowers from "The Killers".

That's all I can say about that without getting the vapors.

Sorry, Billie Joe.


Todd said...

What about crushes on people you actually know?

Jeannie said...

I totally feel you on F. Scott. I had a thing for Hemingway, in a depression-is-sexy kind of way. And Dr. Crusher was awesome. I personally dreamed about Wesley. :)

strong cookie. said...

your love of JC Chasez is one of my top 10 favorite things about you.