Monday, April 15, 2013

"We decided to stop at Cabella's instead..."

My parents were here this weekend. We had a nice visit where we ate out a lot, went to McKay's to look at books (Dad, who said, "I don't really have any interest in regular books since I got my Kindle," took longer there than Mom and I did), went to the Dogwood Art Festival downtown, went to original Nostalgia and the new Nostalgia on McCalla, went to some flea markets, did some outlet shopping, and had dinner at the Apple Barn, and then this morning they left.

I was explaining to Kristin over dinner that they'd already texted a change in travel plans: due to bad weather in Gettysburg, they detoured to the Cabella's superstore in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, instead. It's the larget Cabella's store in the world, and they'll probably enjoy that more than they would have enjoyed walking around Gettysburg, anyway.

It reminds me of another incident, though, also involving Cabella's. While it's possible that I may be misremembering (I'm sure my mom will clarify if I am), there was another time when I was much younger and we also detoured away from something in order to go to Cabella's.

See, I mentioned back in the entry a couple of days ago about food that I don't eat that we drove cross country to get to Alaska when we moved there. At one point during that journey, there was a question of our route: we could go out of the way one way, and see Mount Rushmore, or we could go out of the way another way and visit the Cabella's store headquarters in Sidney, Nebraska. The children in the car, in a rare show of unity, voted for Mount Rushmore. The parents in the car, lifelong outdoors people who hunt and fish and sometimes join Ducks, Unlimited, voted for something else.

I bet Mount Rushmore is really nice, though.

Cabella's, as I recall, was.


faith abbey said...

yeai think so am a student of Unn ie University of Nigeria

Jeannie said...

I have no idea what Cabella's is. I have never heard that word before.