Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mid-Project Reflection

It is Day 9 of 30 Days of Blogging, an adventure that's turning out to be a little more challenging than I thought it would be. I've looked at a few of the suggested topics a few times and had absolutely nothing to say, so I've been avoiding them, because I don't want to write something terrible just to write something. There have also been a few nights where I just don't feel like writing, but have to anyway because I have this project. I'll need to keep sucking that feeling up and writing through it if I'm ever going to finish another novel and maybe, this time, sell it. (See, there's a goal to this project.)

And, at least last night, I was so tired I could barely write at all. Seriously, that entry was about four sentences long, and I fell asleep in the middle and had to finish it a half hour later when I was awakened by my glasses falling off and smacking the keyboard.

Sorry about that.

I'm also starting to feel a little bit like a narcissist. I've spent nine days now writing about myself. What I think, what I like, where I go, how I feel. Granted, I've been doing that for years on a roughly weekly basis just by having a blog, but it feels like a lot of me all at once. Do people really want to know these things? Why do they want to know them? And do they want to know these things all at once? I assume so, since people actually suggested topics, but it's definitely strange talking this much about myself. How the hell do people write memoirs without getting tired of using the word "I"?

I guess I just feel weird today. I have topics, and I have things to say about them. A few entries are outlined in my head, but for some reason I just can't get any of them onto the screen. It's not writer's block, exactly, but I'm not sure what the word should be for it instead. Writer's... pause?

We'll go with that.

Tonight, we're on pause. I've written something, and it might even be something useful in the scope of the overall project. Introspection and reflection are an important part of any project, so I'm just fully immersing myself in the process of daily writing, right?


And tomorrow I'm going out to eat, so maybe Day 10 will write itself.


Justin Bower said...

Don't give up, we want to know how it ends

Jeannie said...

I am totally enjoying these! We want to read them because we like you, so while it may seem narcissistic and strange to you, to us, it is like a little virtual conversation with you. Keep it up!